Video Conferencing

Video conferencing provides an inexpensive alternative to physical office meetings. Video Connections provide video conferencing solutions, services, savings & the support for all your virtual office needs.

Hanars Communication Networks specialize in video conferencing services, video conference products and portable conference units as well providing unit hire and video conference room hire and supplying equipment. Video Connections provide professional advice, all the latest video conferencing technology, full support, and service, for all your business needs and locations. 

Vu'ing the world through Vu TelePresence
We are authorized partner for one of the affordable video conferencing in Dubai, UAE.

Introducing an ideal way to move away from impersonal conference calls and exhausting travel.

Vu TelePresence is a better way to do business with HD quality video between you and the person you are talking to. Vu allows you to meet others around the globe and feel as though they are really across the room - surprisingly on low bandwidth and low budget.

Vu is a smarter way to conduct meetings, reviews, interviews and to collaborate without the cost and hassle of travel. Vu redefines telepresence by offering easy-to-use features across low bandwidth environments.

The experience of meeting people across the globe using the latest in telecommunication technology, yet feeling as if they were present across the table, is Vu TelePresence™.

The convenience of HD quality conferencing with eye contact, life-like images, distortion-free sound are some of our strengths. Vu gets out of the way letting you spend time completing business not fighting with your technology. It is easy to install and operate Vu without IT intervention. Vu uses state-of-the-art technology reducing bandwidth requirements while maintaining quality and connectivity even on noisy networks. Finally, a solution has been developed that makes video collaboration flexible and affordable, transforming Vu TelePresence™ into the ultimate source of competitive advantage, democratizing telepresence across your organization.

User-Friendly GUI

The ability to use any instant-messenger service is sufficient to prepare the user for the Vu TelePresence® experience: click to call, self-view in a picture-in-picture window and one-click screen sharing. The intuitive user interface makes it super easy to use with a smart Web 2.0-like user interface.

Ease of Operations and Control

Say goodbye to complicated remote controls! We provide you with a wireless keyboard & mouse.

Low Bandwidth Requirements

T1 speed isn't necessarily the way the world gets online, and we understand that. All you need is 700 kbps for an HD experience.