Video Surveillance System (CCTV)

Hanars Communication Networks Dubai provides the most up-to-date & cost-effective security solutions for all your CCTV needs, with a variety of cameras & accessories from leading manufacturers. 

Cameras come in many shapes and sizes and with varying capabilities. To make a good choice, it helps to understand the broad categories of cameras first. At Hanars Communication Networks, we divide the cameras we offer into four general groupings:

Traditional cameras: These are what usually come to mind when you think of surveillance cameras. Because they're clearly recognizable, they can serve as a visual deterrent to theft or other criminal activity. Traditional cameras are generally used in high-traffic locations such as lobbies, hallways, and warehouses. Traditional cameras accept a variety of lenses, making them a versatile choice for many applications.

The CCTV Company has vast experience in integrated digital technology; a modern CCTV system involves an integrated system comprising of static cameras and pan, tilt, and zoom cameras to enable operators to monitor remotely from a control room.

With the latest in infrared technology, our systems can work in pitch-blackness, bringing images up to daylight level.


High-Resolution Digital Storage

Not only does this mean that picture quality is much higher than with traditional analog systems it also means that you do not have to index, store and protect old videotaped footage. Our systems now allow you to view your CCTV system from off-site locations, so whether you are at home or on holiday you can view cameras, check recordings, read reports and even carry out administration tasks. 

Motion Detection

Supporting motion detection with pre-alarm and post-alarm recording, our DVRs capture not only the incident but any events leading up to or events after the incident without wasting disk space when there is no activity in the area. Archive video up to 1 month with motion detection recording. Download the video for longer term storage via USB or network.

True Multiplex Operation

Multiplex operation allows live display, recording, playback, backup, and network operations at the same time. All our DVRs support high-quality VGA output supporting crisp clear 17" and 19" LCD displays as well as standard PAL out for regular TVs on most models.